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Hello, my name is Kevin Dickinson. My career and interest in the automotive repair industry started as a young teenager. My Uncle owned a small two man collision shop. I used to go after school and hang out at the shop with him to see what I could learn.

After graduating High School in 1995 I moved to Nashville, Tennessee to attend Nashville AutoDiesel College. It is a one year tech school focused on Auto Body Collision Repair. I soon graduated in 1996 and moved back home to Michigan. Within a week I was working Pfeiffer Collision, a well known high volume shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was fortunate to work with a large group of technician’s who stressed to me the point of producing a quality repair product each and ever time.

After about 4 years at Pfeiffer Collision I made a move to Hansen Collision, which is now Gerber Collision. I spent the next 9 years there and soon had a very good reputation for my quality work and repair knowledge.

My specialties included minor to major body panel replacement. Unitized body and full frame pulling. Unitized rail replacement. Full frame replacement. Dent repair's using plastic filler. Suspension component replacement. Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) replacing and diagnosing.

In 2007 I moved from my home state of Michigan to pursue other interest’s and a relationship. I ran a bowling alley in Maryland, and did some home remodeling work in DC and NY. I also went to school for 6 months to become a Personal Training Instructor. I still wasn’t sure I
wanted to commit to personal training full time and missed the hands on work.

In 2010 I went to San Diego, California to train one on one for a month with Eddie Martin, owner of The Dent Devil’s. Eddie is one of the best know Paintless Dent Removal Tech’s on the West Coast. My intentions were to come back and start a mobile business, but all the ingredients were not in place yet. I continued with my personal training business for the next few years.

In 2014 I decided I wanted to get back into Paintless Dent Repair or PDR. I went to work at Cooper’s Paint & Body, a shop on Stock Island in Key West, Florida. I spent 2 years in the back of the shop doing conventional body work and tweaking my PDR skills on unsuspecting
cars. My final 7-8 months at the shop I spent writing estimates for customers, working with insurance companies, ordering parts, and managing the shop.

Now I’m ready to continue on with my own business, as my own boss! My goal is fast, friendly,affordable, high quality service. 
East Coast PDR, LLC is licensed and retains certifications in the following:

Motor Vehicle Repair Shop Registered No. MV80490

 Licensed by the City of Key West and Monroe County.

General Liability and Garage Keepers insurance.

ASE Certified Master Collision Repair Technician